Why Cocoa Cravings

Distinctive.  High Quality. Pure Ingredients. Exceptional Taste.

Cooca Cravings

For the chocolate lover in all of us, Cocoa Cravings mixes will hold a special place for you. With Cocoa Cravings, you get nothing artificial, nothing over engineered – just top notch ingredients, prepared exactly the way they should be with care, style and dedication.

Drinking Chocolates

There are many drink options: sports drinks, powder mixes, soda, coffee, tea, and more.  The list is almost endless. We think that after trying Cocoa Cravings, you'll forget about all the others.

  • Berry Cocoa
  • Cool Peppermint Cocoa
  • Orange Drinking Chocolate
  • Picante Cocoa
  • Curried Cocoa
  • Cocoa Hoodia
  • Banana Drinking Chocolate

Hot Cocoa Drinks

These hot cocoa drinks will keep you warm through the winter and delight you in the summer with their refreshing, unique flavors.

  • Picante Cocoa
  • Curried Cocoa - Spicy Drinking Hot Cocoa
  • Cool Peppermint Cocoa Drink Mix
  • Cocoa Hoodia Drink Mix
  • Berry Cocoa Drink Mix
  • Orange Drinking Chocolate